Dennis Ireland in front of a crosswalk near River Falls Montessori Elementary School

Meet Dennis and Carol Ireland –
Leaving a Lasting Legacy in River Falls

Dennis and Carol Ireland have a history of generously giving back to their community. A fatal accident at a crosswalk in River Falls motivated them to act when they realized it could have been prevented.


The Irelands worked with the school district to provide flashing lighted crosswalk signs at the 4 busiest school crosswalks. They funded this project through their donor advised fund with the River Falls Community Foundation.

“This generous gift from the Irelands for flashing lighted crosswalk signs will improve safety, every day, for hundreds of students.”
~ RF Schools Superintendent Jamie Benson

The crosswalk light installation is the most recent of six projects in Pierce County supported by the Irelands.

If you’d like to establish a donor advised fund to benefit your community, please contact any RFCF board member.

Hot Spots for Education

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, school for children in River Falls was very different. Health and safety guidelines had students working from home more, and heavily dependent upon materials and assignments delivered over the internet. In some areas of the school district, internet is limited or not available, but cellular “hot spots” could provide internet access in those locations.


Funds from the RFCF Forever Fund, added to other district and grant resources, helped students and their families better navigate their at-home learning experience during the pandemic. Hot spots allowed for students to optimize their distance learning opportunities by allowing them to connect with classroom teachers, review online curricular materials, submit homework and maintain school to home connectivity with their teachers.


The River Falls School District is grateful for the contributions provided by the River Falls Community Foundation. Your donations made a positive impact on student learning!